Our Three Dimensional (3D) Signs are designed to facilitate your company’s exposure with a refined look on your displays and banners. We specialize in creating 3D signs, letters, and logos that can be used in the interior or exteriors of a business establishment. 

What Are Three Dimensional Signs?

Three dimensional signs are very popular and used for many applications that span both commercial and personal use. Three dimensional signage is so visually effective that many businesses are satisfied without the need for other types of signage. Just Signs will help you to choose the best looking design for a sign.

Dimensional and Illuminated

Many signs contain letters that are dimensional in shape. Many daytime businesses will display these for their clarity and unique style they can bring without an overreliance on illumination. Retail stores, shopping mall outlets, and bookstores will often have dimensional signs with their logos shown.

Letters that are illuminated are known simply as sign or channel letters. They will have light fixtures on the front or back of the sign and are recommended for establishments that operate during the evening hours. Nightclubs, convenience stores, and places with heavy vehicle and foot traffic at night can be seen with such signage lettering.

Type of Materials Used

Most three dimensional signs are created using three distinct types of materials. The most common among these are the following:

  • Foam – Foam is light and dense yet extremely versatile. It can be shaped with ease and sculpted into any form imaginable.
  • Steel – Solid and highly durable, steel adds beauty and longevity to any sign. One of our most common materials, steel is the right choice for any business.
  • Acrylic – Made from high-quality plastic, acrylic is water resistant, gives off a clean, brilliant appearance, and adds a beautiful shine to all letters and displays.

Three Dimensional Styles

Styles involve the way in which the sign is painted or the process when the materials are incorporated on the display. Signs can be finished with metal or acrylic laminate. Plaques and digital prints are also used on letters to add individual flair to brand-specific logos and images. Picking the thickness of the lettering is also important. Its depth can change the look of a display entirely. 

Understanding the level of customization that is needed can take time. Just Signs & Print works with all materials listed to develop fully customizable and attractive signs and logos for any purpose.