Day and night operations for companies can vary. Some facilities are only open during the daylight hours while others conduct their business hours late at night. If your organization closes before the evening, Light Boxes and Backlit Signs could be of great help. They can raise awareness of your brand even during the store’s closing hours. Your business establishment will never again lose customers because your location is hard to spot. Light boxed, and Back lit signs will receive plenty of attention, adding beauty to any building that they are displayed on. Illuminated signs in windows can also be used to accessorize the look of your exterior.

Many Customizations to Choose From

One good aspect about Light Boxes and Backlit Signs is that they can be attached to many diverse spaces and confinements while all of them are powered at the same exact time, utilizing the same source. Its simplicity is fascinating. Moreover, since they can be compact or large in their size, you should have no issues when applying as many as needed to your establishment. They will present a refined and professional effect to your brand. When it comes to customization, you’re in the right place. No two signs are built the same.

Your Own Exclusive Design

Our Backlit Signs are never standardised, or mass produced for consecutive use. As our client, your design will be made entirely unique and different. The level of impact that your exclusive Light Box Sign will have on your business will be felt by the number of people that will be attracted to your company location’s sophisticated and seamless image that will be given off.

We know that first time impressions are important to you. That’s why Just Signs wants to give you as many preferences for your Backlit Signs as possible. When your Light Box Sign is produced, you have the option of getting it coated with a powder or touched with an aluminium finish. Additionally, polished aluminium will add style and modern appeal to your sign and is great for night venues such as clubs, theatres, and sports bars. If you conduct business within the consolidated spaces of a shopping mall, they will surely provoke interest in your area with the metal’s eye catching and visible style of detail. 

Slimline Light Boxes are superb near entrances and exits of buildings. Their tough design and ease of installation make it a wise choice for indoor displays and outside business information. Their illumination will brighten your banners and can easily be seen meters away from your facility. The lettering can be coloured to produce the lighting effect that is best for your brand’s appearance.